Great operability
Stressless treatments
Appropriate for every age group

Entertainment for patients has never been simpler!
Specifically developed to your needs and immediately ready for use.


If you have already looked into solutions like televisions, then you know that they are associated with enormous infrastructural modifications. You need to change your infrastructure, require workmen, additional cables, DVD players or computers and also have to think about suitable movies. If you also want to stay on the right side of the law, you also need to license films for use in your practice. If the TV is mounted to the ceiling, you will soon realize that, due to different lying positions and the head of the person administering the treatment, the patient often has no view or a poor view of the screen. If the patient also wants to have the sound on, it often gets tricky.

Poor view of the screen during treatment

HappyMed was specifically developed for two years to meet your needs.

HappyMed is already filled with many great licensed films and can be put into use within 1 minute. It guarantees you easy manageability, so you can fully concentrate on the treatment.

  • "Easy to use, cinema feeling with a multitude of films for the ideal distraction and relaxation during treatments. A surprise effect for our patients."

    Academy for oral Implantology
    Academy for oral ImplantologyInstitution for patient treatment and education in oral implantology, Vienna, Austria

Great operability, hygienic, mobile and ready to use immediately.


The HappyMed system consists of a pair of high-quality video glasses, over-ear headphones with surround sound, a media center and a remote control which can be intuitively operated. The integrated battery enables continuous use for more than 10 hours.

Thanks to the high-quality optics from Carl Zeiss, your patient will enjoy an incredible visual experience. The visual acuity can be individually adjusted for every eye. The eye shield which is also included can be easily put on and enables complete visual isolation. The HappyMed system can however also be used without the eye shield: Your patients can therefore continue to be aware of their surroundings, should they wish, while they dive into the visual worlds.

Both sides of the high-quality surround sound headphones contain an on/off switch and guarantee an optimal sound experience. The volume can be easily altered, so it is perfectly possible to communicate with the patient.

In order to provide all of your patients with the right distraction, a variety of documentaries, comedies, children’s and feature movies, concerts, relaxation and action videos are available. During the treatment, you can control HappyMed using the integrated touchscreen or your patient can take this over using the remote control which is intuitive to operate. All movies are licensed for use in your practice. No internet connection is required.


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Using films at the dentist’s requires an open screening with the special creator – and exploitation rights need to be considered. Extra fees need to be paid for these. This is a very costly and expensive process, whereas those who do not take them into account can expect legal action and huge fines from the film industry.

HappyMed has already included this. We pay your royalty fees directly to the film producers.

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Simple integration

Compact, mobile, and immediately usable
No installation, cables or rebuilding required
Licensed video content included

Easy use

Long battery life of over 10 hours
Complete control with touch screen, speech continuously possible
Automatic updates with the newest software and content


Exquisite sound and image quality
Wide choice of video content
Very comfortable to wear, adjustable visual acuity


Unpleasant and fear-filled environment is faded out
Positive distraction before and during treatment
Treatment time is subjectively clearly shortened


System entirely desinfected
Replaceable earpads
Cleaning plan available


Stronger customer loyalty
Higher recommendation rates
Tool to attract customers

  • "The compactness of the device was convincing. No other visual system could convince me more. The fact that patients have full visual and acoustic access in each position, facilitates the surgical operations of our team."

    DDr. Miroslav Lenhardt
    DDr. Miroslav LenhardtDental Surgeon, Dentalmed, Wolfsberg, Austria
  • "Easy to use, cinema feeling with a multitude of films for the ideal distraction and relaxation during treatments. A surprise effect for our patients."

    Academy for oral Implantology
    Academy for oral ImplantologyInstitution for patient treatment and education in oral implantology, Vienna, Austria
  • "The inclusion of psychosomatic mechanisms in the treatment of anxiety patients is particularly essential in dentistry. HappyMed provides a recommendable system as a solution in the field of audiovision."

    MR DDR. Gerhard Kreyer
    MR DDR. Gerhard KreyerPresident of the Austrian organisation for Psychology and Psychosomatic Medicine in Dentistry, board and honorary member of ÖGZMK
  • "The use of video eyewear for calming anxiety patients was previously impractical for most doctors due to the large effort of integrating it into the daily routine of clinics or medical practices. The company HappyMed GmbH now enhanced this technology in a user-friendly way, flexible, hygienic, intuitive, immediately usable and already equipped with licensed films. The result is a relaxed and stress-free environment for the patient. We are very pleased that we were able to make a significant contribution to the emergence of this solution with the ZEISS cinemizer®."

    Andreas Klavehn
    Andreas KlavehnDirector of Multimedia Devices, Carl Zeiss AG
  • "Using the HappyMed system, we have revolutionized our prophylaxis in particular. Our staff and the patients are experiencing prolonged treatments, such as a professional tooth cleaning or tooth whitening, as much more pleasant than before. The patient is enthusiastic about the technology and calms right down after a few minutes, meaning the prophylaxis specialists can focus on their task completely. Of course, this is also true for more complicated treatments such as surgical interventions. The HappyMed system alleviates the patient's nervousness within a very short time."

    Discover White
    Discover WhiteDental implant and veneer specialists. Dental practice in Düsseldoft, Germany

Comparison of solutions

TV Virtual Reality Video Glasses HappyMed
Simple integration
Comfortable longer use
Easy handling
Wide viewing angle
Integrated private sound
Licensed contents included
Mobile use
Integrated battery
Perception of the environment possible

“Due to the cost of integration, the use of video glasses in doctor’s offices and clinics in order to calm down scared patients has up to now been rather impractical for most doctors. Now, the company HappyMed has made this technology more user-friendly, flexible, hygienic, intuitive, immediately usable, and already equipped with licensed films. In that way, the patients are immerged in a relaxed and stress-free environment. With the ZEISS cinemizer®, we are glad to be able to contribute substantially to the solution that had emerged.”

Andreas Klavehn, Director Multimedia Devices, Carl Zeiss AG


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Scientific basis

The damaging impact of stress and anxiety in a medical context on health, as well as financially, have already been examined many times in studies. Studies also show the highly positive effects of the HappyMed system.

Versatile program

Whether young or old, everyone will find something in the categories Children’s, Documentaries, Nature and Other, irrespective of whether it is for quick or lengthy treatment. The advantage is that all these contents are already licensed to be used with patients.